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DoLeads Helps Businesses to effectively Manage
Multi-channel Sales process with integration across digital lead sources.

Lead Management

Capture, track and nurture leads as they move through your sales funnel and assign to a sales rep and convert into a sale.

Web Lead Tracking

Track how prospects came to your website, what pages they visited, how much time is spent on each page, and which pages they were looking at.


Monitor your business and sales opportunities through a real-time snapshot of your business with the interactive reports feature.

Funnel Management

Drill into the details of your sales funnel so you know what stage an opportunity is at, where to focus resources and how close you are to meeting your quota.

Instant Access to Facebook Leads

DoLeads is built for sales and marketing professionals who run Facebook Lead Ads giving them Instant new lead alerts from Facebook,One-touch calls, Acknowledgment to prospects via SMS or email, Easy lead management, and Lead sharing with the team.

Say goodbye to manually downloading CSV’s to check leads.

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Bird's-eye View of The Sales Process

Your sales pipeline is an important benchmark of your company’s success. It indicates which stage opportunities are at in your sales cycle and, ultimately, where the money is in your sales process. DoLeads Funnel management delivers a birds-eye view into exactly what is happening in your Sales Funnel. You’ll always know which stage a prospect is at, if and when you will achieve your sales quotas, and which opportunities require special attention.

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Exclusive Features

Visualize Your Sales Funnel from Prospect to Customer

Lead Rating

Focus your efforts on the best leads. rank prospects based on behaviors they exhibit.

Landing Page Integration

Collect web visitor information using a lead form on your website.

Queries & Reports

Get accurate business insights, sales trends, analytics, charts, and case reports.

Productivity Analysis

Evaluate your team’s performance, track real-time progress, compare productivity.

Document Management

Store and share proposals, customer information, files, contracts, and more.

Access Management

Assign leads to multiple sales members and keep track of their performance.

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